Sunday, August 05, 2007

On Greatness

I want to speak briefly on the topic of "greatness". By "greatness" I refer to individuals that has achieved greatness in the accomplishment of what is a natural manifestation of self-initiated/found motivation to achieve in their profession/vocation. Those that I refer to as having "greatness" is also a vehicle of love and care for others, that are discerning both to the technicalities of their art and that of the human condition, and hence the awareness and integrity of the self.

Characteristics of great individuals:

a. They are elevated - in that they see the world from a higher vantage point, hence a greater clarity and scope - but they are not detached - in that they see clearly and their sight is adaptive, compared to that of a artificial elevation/faux-reality.

b. They have a "transparent" quality that is difficult to categorise and define. This transparency influences us without our knowing. It is inspiring and often encourages us to re-evaluate our own perceptions.

c. The great never boasts of him/herself, for the are the masters of their own passion. They are secure in what they do who they are.

d. Due to the difficulty in defining great individuals, they are truly in a league of their own due to their extraordinary will, motivation, integrity, clarity, empathy and love of life.

The truly great are not obsessed of their greatness and therefore do not comtemplate their greatness. They silently and greatfully acknowledge it while those who have yet to attain greatness in terms of temperament or understanding loudly and frequently boasts of their abilities.

Greatness is not a destination, it is a way.

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thecolor said...

I have read this page many a time and every time I read this post, it never fails to impress and make me think.

The writer at the other end of this pixel pen has more talent than they might gather, and I'm pleased to be able to read and refer to such intellectual and insightful works!